You have been in this situation before, you have this fear of starting out on your internet marketing journey or becoming an entrepreneur. This episode helps you start up with the things you need to do to make it happen.

The Number one cause of this fear of starting out is the FAILURE.

We always wonder if we are going to fail or not, so we fidget because we want to get it right the first time.

Failure is a very necessary thing to go through as an entrepreneur.

Look at failure at one of the ways in which a method does not work. When I fail, it tells me that I have found another way why what I am trying to achieve will not work and so it makes me focus on the stuffs that work.

Failure is actually very important for your success.

Every great entrepreneur at one time in their journey have failed but they kept going and everyone is interested in their success and not their failures.

To also curb this fear of failure, just look at it that you are wasting time contemplating whether you will fail or not. Someone else is doing that same thing you are trying to implement, you are loosing money.

You can learn all the things in the world, it won’t change anything.

What actually change things is the action you put. Action change things.

Ajiboye Temitope

Ajiboye Temitope, tech savvy par excellence for cutting edge solutions in the 21st century.
He is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer and Internet Business Coach.
Temitope is the creator of Passive Money System, a community of enthusiast and passive income minded individuals
He currently runs a LIVE weekly podcast called the Passive Money Podcast with a vision to help Nigerians create a passive income system on the internet.

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