You must sell something before you can make money online.

It is just like every other offline business you know.

They are rather the same but this time, you are selling on the internet.

Selling on the internet is not rocket science.

You can learn how to sell on the internet today and by next week, you will be setting up your business.

Before I show you the simple steps I take in selling on the internet, I need to drive home some points you need to remember or take note.

  1. You can sell anything you imagine online.
  2. Do not worry about what you can sell, worry about an audience you can sell to.

So conventionally, most people will tell you to SELL, MARKET AND PROMOTE your business online.

This is basically what most people are doing but I have found out over the years that most people do not trust what they see online anymore.

I have a better model that I have tested over the years and work.

It’s simple.

People need to trust you better before they can commit to buy from you, well especially if you are selling to Nigerians.

The simple Model I use is:


As simple as this model is, it may sound a little bit gibberish to you for now. I will break it down for you in simple terms and you will see exactly what you can should be and you will be up and running with your internet business in a week.


People won’t buy from you if you are selling something that doesn’t address their problems. You cannot sell an HIV drugs to a diabetes patient. You first step to starting up your internet business is to first identify a problem in a niche.

This is where we talk about what is a NICHE and how to identify a NICHE Market.


What is a Niche?

A Niche is a topic – It is what people are talking about, or what people are interested in.

Always look at a niche as a topic, a topic that you have people interested in, talking about or even belong. It is like a community or a group of people.

Examples are Education, Health, Internet, Computers, Fashion

Identifying a topic is not enough because it is too broad.

You cannot attempt to solve all the problems in the Health Niche for example.

You will want to narrow a little down further by using sub-topic in a niche.


//The Next part is another session of the “WhatsApinar”


Welcome to another episode of the “Internet Selling for newbies” series.

Once you already have a couple of micro niches you have already research, the next thing to do is to check perhaps the niche you are trying to do is profitable or not.

You will want to test if there are people looking for a solution for problems in that niche.

If your audience is not many then it is a pointer that your business may not be profitable.

I am going to show you how to test for Profitability of a Niche.

How To Evaluate And Test Your Niche Without Wasting Time And Money

Just because you’ve found what seems like a profitable niche idea, doesn’t mean it will be suitable for you.

You have to test your niche against a market to find out what people really want; do they want my proposed product or not.

If you do not test your niche, then you probably going to create a product that won’t sell: this is a total waste of time and money.

You do not want that.

Also, some niches no matter how promising or large their audience look like are just not good for selling.

No matter how well you tweak them, the folks there won’t just buy.

One more reason why you should test for profitability.

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds when you follow my process.

And there’s a way to test your niche ideas, quickly and cheaply, before committing long term.

I am going to give you a checklist to use when testing.

  1. Your Niche is in High demand: First determine if there are lots of people that are interested in the niche or are interested in getting their problems solved in the niche.
  2. Niche Has An Easy To Reach Audience: Your niche should have an audience you can easily reach.

If the audience you are trying to target is not reachable then you perhaps want to avoid that niche. For example, if your niche targets people that do not have access to the internet then you probably want to avoid that niche.

  1. Niche has some products to sell: Well, a lot of people may tell you to avoid competition in a niche.

For me, it is a good thing because it makes me want to come up with a product that is better than what exists already.

I can understudy, see the audience and target my products more specifically.

Now, those are the checklist I use when I want to start on a niche.

Here’s how to do that easily, quickly and cheaply.

Let me give you a Scenerio;

Let’s say I have found a Niche and I want to start a blog for this niche.

The goal of this blog is to write contents to address the problems in that niche so that when people come in, I can make money via Google AdSense or maybe sell eBooks to them.

There are online tools that can help me check if there is a high demand for that niche

My Number one tools are always social networks.

This is where the tons of my traffic come from.

Here is how to do that.

  1. Write 2 to 3 articles quickly, solving the key problems those people in your niche have.

Now, go ahead and create Social accounts for the niche.

In my case, I will create a Facebook page with the name Weight loss after birth, if my niche is Weight loss after birth.

  1. Customize the page, add some pictures.

The profile picture and the cover pictures.

The reason you should use the niche name as the name of your page is because most people will search for that niche from Facebook.

You will want that organic traffic

Now go ahead and put up a little page DESCRIPTION

Customize to show what you do.

It’s easy.

Create a Facebook group with the Niche Name also, the same way you did for the page

The idea of the Facebook group is to retain the users from the Facebook page to the Facebook group.

People with problems like it when they are in a like-minded group, in a community of people with the same problem as them.

Make the group closed if your niche is sensitive.

I was talking about testing profitability of a niche and I can remember saying that one of the ways I use to test for a niche is to try see response of people to the idea before I go to any step.

Once I find that there is enough audience for that idea, the next step to do is to gain their trust.

Practically, this is what I will do.

I told you to create a page and a group on Facebook and try to see how many people respond to page. This is great for testing before jumping into any niche

To test for profitability, this is what I look out for: Audience has passion or problem present.

  1. Audience is willing to spend money to solve their problems.
  2. Niche has affiliate products to promote.
  3. Niche has competition – that is a good sign.
  4. Some knowledge about the niche – you do not need to be a pro though.
  5. Good online business model you can emulate.
  6. So, from the page and groups, I will be able to see if the audience is willing to do anything to solve their problems.

For example: If my niche is beauty and I am targeting Ladies who want to get rid of pimples because my niche says, “Pimples Removal”,

I am trying to solve the problem “Get rid of pimples on face”

Note: Get Rid of Pimples on face.

I will do a simple google search on the “Get rid of pimples on face”.

Let’s search that and see our result

From the result, here is someone trying to sell something here.

The result itself has shown me that people are also in this niche trying to solve the problem.

Imagine if I bring this to the Nigerian market.

My task is simple: Find people who want to get rid of pimples.

Get them together in a community.

Create a product or product a product that shows them how to get rid of pimples permanently.

My first step will be to create the Facebook page with the keyword “Pimples Instant Removal” then I will go ahead to create a group with the same name too “Pimples Instant Removal”

Also, let’s go over to Facebook to search for some more ideas and see the results we get.

I am searching for Pimples Instant Removal

I already have some ideas to what people are searching for merely putting the pimples keyword

Here are some videos that people have uploaded on Facebook that solves this as well.

If it is not profitable then they will not be doing it.

Some links too. The first one has 184 shares, “how to remove pimples overnight”.

People wants to solve this problem and they will probably pay to see it solved.

I have some cool stuff people are searching for too.

I can create pages as well with these keywords that we have here.

This simple research shows me that I have an audience for this.

Since we are not going to be driving traffic from only Facebook, we can do some search on google and see if people are searching for it.

Although, I will want my traffic to come from majorly social networks. Let’s see some Google Keyword Planner results

From the results now.

I am 100% sure I have an audience for my niche already.

Note on the screen shot, I am targeting searches from Nigeria.

You can see the top keywords people are using to search from Nigeria. “How to get rid of pimples” has 1K – 10K searches per month.

That is crazy.

They are even searching for “What causes pimples”.

They are probably tired of seeing pimples on their faces and probably want to know what exactly causes Pimples

The next step:

  1. If I want to do affiliate marketing, I mean I want to promote other people’s product and earn a commission then I will want to check if my niche has affiliate product to promote

But because we want to create our own products that solve this problem, I will probably skip this part and move from here.

Do not worry, you will see how to do this in later series.

In case you want to do affiliate marketing, there are couple of website to check if a product in your niche is available. Clickbank, Jvzoo, Moreniche, amazon, aliexpress.

  1. Niche has competition.

Well, competition is good because it makes you study existing products, how they do them and then come out with better versions.

From our Facebook search alone. We can see that we have competitions already.

  1. Some knowledge about the niche. Really? This is the simple part. With this already

I know 10 simple ways to get rid of pimples fast.

All I need to do is to make little more research, have an idea of how it works, and I have some knowledge. I do not need to be a PRO.

  1. Good business model you can emulate: Just look for a competitor above you are doing the same thing, see how he does it, copy it, make it better.

Now that you have known what to look out for and you have created the Facebook Page and Group, the next step is to get some audience to it.

Once you have branded the page with Page logo and Cover image.

You will need to post a welcome article that will attract people.

An article like this

for example.

You can re tweak that article and make it better then post on your page and group or create it as a PDF.

In case you want to brand your Page and Group, you can easily create beautiful graphics yourself using tools like



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