The goal of your setting up a business is to make sales, so you can profit. You want to sell your market.
People not just buy products because of how cute it looks, instead they buy experience.
Put that in your mind.
“People buy experiences not products.” 
People most often make decisions to buy based on emotions. It’s not their fault, it’s the way we are all wired especially here in Nigeria where every is very careful of how they spend money
Let’s look at you…even with a lot of money in your bank account, most times you forgo a product just because you want to get another product.
Here is a mistake small internet business like yours is making, you thought with the right Advertising budget you could just beat off competitors and force down the truth of customers.
Years ago, this could have worked but people are now smarter.
Now, people hate Ads… I do hate ads….
People need to have this emotional connection with the product. They need to feel the product.
Here’s how to create this emotional connection you want for your product.
**Create an Experience. 
You can’t create an Experience if you do not understand the emotional needs of your customer.
When you do know what they need, you’ll be able to get into their heads. In fact, they will start dreaming of using your product already.
Don’t just tell me to ‘buy my product” instead, create a live scenario of someone who has the same problem I have, when he ran out of options decided to try your product. People connect better with that kind of line.
Why do you think rat poison sellers sell faster?
They will tell you the harm rats do to homes, the diseases they carry, why you shouldn’t try other product but theirs.
They give you a mental experience of “before the product” and “after the product”

Let me stop here.
What are your thoughts? Need help with your business? Use comments.

Ajiboye Temitope

Ajiboye Temitope, tech savvy par excellence for cutting edge solutions in the 21st century.
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