Hello folks,

This is in response to the planned internet setup I proposed to take place every Wednesday on the WhatsApp Mastermind group.

Here is what I need from you for this to work. You should format your answer this way.

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Idea or Passion Title
  3. Description of your Idea or Passion
  4. Phone Number

There you go. Here is an example of how your answer should be like

  1. Ajiboye Temitope
  2. Baking Cakes
  3. I want to set up an online business for my cake business. I want to be able to make sales and make money.
  4. 09065266070

Now that you have an idea how you should format your answer, please go ahead and put them down. The faster your answer, the higher your chance of being picked.



Ajiboye Temitope Oluwatayomi

Ajiboye Temitope

Ajiboye Temitope, tech savvy par excellence for cutting edge solutions in the 21st century.
He is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer and Internet Business Coach.
Temitope is the creator of Passive Money System, a community of enthusiast and passive income minded individuals
He currently runs a LIVE weekly podcast called the Passive Money Podcast with a vision to help Nigerians create a passive income system on the internet.

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  • 1 Ihemadu Ijeoma Leona
    2 A chat with Cruzbell
    3 I have this idea of setting up a platform where people Can talk to me about their relationship issues, their dreams, life challenges and fears and how they can overcome them. I want to turn this idea into one that i can make money from while helping people.
    4 08136767368

  • 1. Oyetunde Oyeniyi
    2. Health remedy
    3. I want to set up internet business around this subject matter. Solving health (embarrassing) problem facing people. I want to be able to make sales and making money.
    4. 08052008393